Keeping those Curves!!

Okay a big question I get asked a lot is “how do I Keep my curves?” Well for those of us that were born curvy we often get scared to workout bc we think we will lose them and if you do not know what you are doing you very well Might.. For women trying to build curves you should also go heavy on your lower half and eat more calories because in order to gain muscle you have to have the fat there. No matter your size you can always build on it or slim down from it!! You have to appreciate your body type and do what fits you best. I have included a list below on the things I do to keep my curves! You can also look to my fitness videos in the fitness videos section on my website
( ) these videos will show you different glute exercises you can do at home or in the gym (glutes workout 1-5)……

1. never get on a treadmill and use it flat ALWAYS put it on some kind of incline the higher the better

2. Appreciate the stair master, elliptical, and the arc machine they are also good. Try reversing your motion on the elliptical to pedal backwards instead of forwards.

3. When working your glutes go heavy weights low reps

4. Use light weights high reps on your upper body

5. WHen working legs if you have big legs already do light weight high reps, if you want to build your legs out a little more same as glutes heavy weight low reps

6. Those bands that you strap out your waist are great for getting rid of water weight and also making you sweat like crazy in that area

7. Diet is the answer for a small waist

8. Work glutes (booty) at least 2 times a week

9. When working glutes at home strap on some ankle weights and do kickbacks, fire hydrants, side leg raises, etc

10. Stick to it and if you are sore work a different muscle, never workout a sore muscle it could cause injury!!

Finding the time to Workout!?!

So here is something that I hear all the time… “I never have the time to workout” and I am sure if you have said that to someone they have replied back that you don’t find the time you make the time. I am hear to tell you that this is true even the most fittest person in the world would rather not workout if they could look the way they look without working out. I am admitting that a lot of times I do not want to workout not because I don’t have the time but because I would rather do something else with that extra time. The truth is though after I get through that workout I just didn’t want to do, I feel so much better and proud of myself for sticking to it and holding myself accountable!! The key to getting fit and healthy starts in your head and your mind. You have to over come those times where your mind is not agreeing with the plan. If you listen to it every time it says you can workout later or one more Mcdonald’s burger isn’t going to hurt, then you will never reach your goals. Ask yourself how important this is to you. There isn’t a miracle pill that will get you to your goals it is all in your mind and in your ability to be strong and overcome those moments of weakness. We all have those moments the difference between YOU and the next person is shown through the strength to get through it and fight those temptations and weaknesses. This is for you and I am sorry if this is blunt but You are either strong enough to get through it or to weak to believe in yourself enough to try. You are going to have bad days, you are going to feel like crying, you are going to get cravings, you are going to sweat, you are going to be sore, and at the end of it all you will be FIT &  HEALTHY!!

Thinking Fitness – Cutting Cravings

The number one thing for waist is diet and I know a lot of people don’t like to hear that but it is true. Now I am not saying that I don’t enjoy the sweets, and bad carbs, and all that other stuff because I do. The only difference is I do it in moderation. If your craving a cookie and you have been eating good all week eat a cookie the key is eating one or two not the whole bag. Some things that help me cut my cravings though when I shouldn’t give in are below…

1. Brush my teeth-no one wants to eat after brushing their teeth and it works for me.

2. Sometimes hunger comes from being bored or being dehydrated so drink some water or do something productive if you just ate but some how still hungry.

3. Watching t.v and being online does not help all those yummy commercials are just a distraction from your goals just turn it off.

4. If your craving something sweet try fruit, 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter, a small amount of dar chocolate, eat just enough that it curbs that craving.

5. Allow yourself one cheat meal a week that way you do good all week to earn that cheat meal.

Things to ask yourself and tell yourself when you feel like giving up are How bad do I want this? How strong am I as a person to do what I need to do for my health? How important is it to me? A lot of times you ask these questions and you end up reminding yourself that the flavor of the food we want only last for a minute and then we end up regretting it if we do give in.

Hello Everyone,

I have been neglecting my blog and website so I am starting fresh!  I will be blogging about all types of things but mostly fitness because that is what I do and love. My first post is related to New Years resolutions to get fit. I know we have all made that resolution at least once in our lifetime. For those that did make it this year I want you to really challenge your self to stick to it and not just the gym part but also the healthy eating. Some things that really helped me keep going I posted below. I hope that these things can help you keep on track and reach your fitness goals.

1. Remembering that once I reach my goals maintaining my weight will not be so hard.

2. Meal prepping this was the best for me because food was already prepared and ready to go when I was hungry. This really kept me from making un healthy choices.

3. It is only 1 hour out of my day.

4. After seven days it usually becomes a habit.

5. Doing it not just to look good but also for my health.

6. My body is my temple why not take care of it.